Mack hadn't walked for days and being confined to a kennel didn't help, he developed atrophy in his hind legs, and we were told he may never walk again.  After a few days at the vets we were allowed to take him home.  We were told most dogs his size do not make it past a year after being diagnosed.  We were given strict instructions to "assess his quality of life" and to also "make it the best year of his life".  We took him home and started "doggie rehab".  Never given a shot before, hate needles, and now everyone in the family became Mack's nurse.  Shots of insulin twice a day.  A strict diet (you would not believe how many dog foods have sugar in it) exercise.  Exercise proved difficult due to the fact he couldn't walk (we looked into a doggie wheelchair at one point).  Within a couple of days he started walking, needed help getting up, but once up he enjoyed small walks.  He went blind, one of the symptoms of the illness.  After awhile he was up to jogging speed, playing fetch (took him awhile too find the ball), then started swimming again, he was afraid of the water at first, but I guess he trusted us enough to take that leap of faith into the pool. Here he is (pictured) doing laps in the jacuzzi, no its not heated, but the warmer temperatures help his aching muscles.  Also, he will not get out until he finds that ball.  Its been over three years now, not bad for being given only a year, and he has taught me patience, if I yell or raise my voice he immediately climbs on my lap (apparently he thinks he's a lap dog) to where I start laughing, which makes it hard to yell or raise my voice.  He has been there for me in my darkest hours and I hope I have been there for him in his.  I still ask him everyday "how's your quality of life" and he wags his tail.  His eyebrows and chin are rapidly turning white, I appreciate everyday I get with him. So in all this if we can help one person to not have to experience what we went thru, then its all worth it.  And I've learned to ask myself "How's your quality of life"?

Warning signs of diabetes in pets

* Excessive Thirst

​* Change in Appetite

* Weight Loss

* Increased Urination

* Lethargy

* Vomiting

* Dehydration

* Urinary Tract Infections

* Chronic Skin Infections

* Unusually Sweet Smelling or Fruity Breath

* Cataracts Formation, Blindness

If your pet is displaying any or all these symptoms please take them immediately to their vet too be tested.

A Word About Us

Mack's Thrift Store/People 4 Pets is a start up non profit.  We are dedicated to helping people and their  pets.  During hard times it can be difficult to take care of yourself and family, let alone your "best friend".  We are here to help!!  Costly vet bills, medications, food, etc can add up quickly and we recently found out it is not uncommon for families to have to make the painful choice of putting their beloved pets down due to high vet costs.  Our goal is too raise enough money so that will no longer have to be a decision one has too make.  Won't you come and be a part of something great, whether its donating time, money, or gently used items you too can make a difference.  Please help.

Meet Our Team

This Is Mack.  He is what started all this.  Mack is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  A few years back Mack became very ill and before we even got a diagnosis from a vet (we were told by two) that the cost to determine what was wrong was "going to be costly its best to put him down".  Our vet for over 5 years diagnosed him with a "bleeding tumor and he wouldn't make it thru the night its best too put him down", followed by "its past 5 and I'm not coming in for that" (I was then referred to a 24 hour vet) that conversation took place over the phone, without him once seeing Mack.  The next vet was not any better, $2500+ to diagnose him, she wanted cash up front as she led us to believe he would not make it over the weekend and she wanted to make sure she got paid, she then informed us for $250 we could put him down.  Mack is family and to be face with only those two options, we felt helpless. I wasn't going to let him go without knowing what was wrong with him and was not going too pay $2500+ and leave him in the hands of someone who did not have his best interest. We immediately took Mack home and gave him Pedialyte/water.  All weekend placing frantic calls to try and find someone to help, no vet would help unless it was too put him down.  Was I being selfish?  I just couldn't do it without knowing for sure what was wrong.  After a long weekend we got him into a vet, Dr. Jackman.  He informed us our dog was very sick, he said he would do everything he could if we would do one thing "take emotion out of it" that was the only way we could decide what was best for Mack.  We agreed and in less than a day he was diagnosed with diabetes.  A severe case.  Mack showed no signs, at least out of the ordinary, excessive thirst, we live in the desert so he was always drinking water, he stumbled a couple times, thought it might be onset of hip dysplasia, Macks breed is known for, never ever would have guessed diabetes.

We are a family run business.  We rely heavy on volunteers and are very thankful for each and everyone of them.  Want to especially thank my boys, Carl and Jesse, who have put in countless hours with no pay, you're the best guys!!

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We are pet owners ourselves, and believe in our cause.  We want you leaving our store feeling happy and enthused at the great deals you got!  We want you to tell your family and friends


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See a large item but not sure how you are going to get it home?  For a starting fee of $20 (depending on where you live) we can have it delivered for you.  

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